Welcome to the FAMI-Alberta Website!

Families supporting Adults with Mental Illness – Alberta is for family members (parents, spouses, siblings and friends) who support adults living with the long term effects of a mental illness.  We promote and provide information, action and advocacy to enable families to create supports appropriate for their circumstances.  We focus on Edmonton Alberta but all are welcome. We try to complement, not compete, with other agencies with similar goals.

We recognize that all adults are entitled to dignity and autonomy. We recognize that some forms of mental illness seriously impair the ability to assert personal dignity and autonomy.  This means some adults need long term support to maintain dignity and autonomy. We recognize that family is the primary source of lifetime support for these adults.   We recognize that all individuals and families are unique in their values, aspirations and needs.  We recognize that circumstances change over time.

Vision: all families have efficient access to resources necessary to create supports and to be effective lifetime supporters and caregivers of loved ones living with the long term effects of a mental illness.

Mission: Through direct action and in collaboration with other organizations – promote and provide education, peer support, and advocacy that helps families to build supports  and be effective life-long supporters of their loved ones.