Are you lonely?

You once had so many friends. Now you spend all your time alone with your thoughts. Have you reached out to anyone you used to enjoy spending time with? Have you even thought of them, or does that bring back too many painful memories?

Are you bored?

You were so active before. You were always moving at a breakneck speed – so many places, activities and adventures to explore. Now your bike, your books, your guitars lay unused. These used to give you so much joy. Do you even notice them anymore?

Are you sad?

It’s been so long since we’ve seen your crooked grin. Your sweet smile would light up the room, and your laughter filled our house. Now your face is usually blank, with an occasional random shout or swear unrelated to anything we can see. We’d give anything just to see you smile once more.

Are you scared?

Do you worry about your future? We do, though we try our best to hide it from you. Are your thoughts scaring you still? You told us about them when they first appeared. Are they gone now, or have you given up fighting them? We wish you would let us in.

Are you hurting?

You seem to be in so much pain. How can we help you? We’ll do anything – whatever it takes to ease your load. Just let us know what we can do. You bear such a huge burden and we want to help you carry it. We hope someday you’ll understand that.

Do you remember?

When you were younger you were filled with life, with energy, with so many ideas. You had such a passion for life. You were so creative, always building, drawing, writing. Should we remind you of those times, or is that too painful? How can we bring you back?

Can you still love?

We miss your big hugs, high fives and fist bumps. You don’t want those anymore, but do you miss them too? Are you just unable to show love, or have you lost the ability to feel love? Can this illness really be so cruel as to deprive you of love? You may not know it, but our love for you has never gone away. We’ll keep loving you more and hope you feel it someday. We know our love can’t heal you but we pray that it may sustain you.